Dark mode - Why it could be a better choice for your next web venture

July 7, 2022 | Jake_The_Human

Among other trends in the web and tech world, dark mode nad generally websites using a dark theme is one of the most prominent. While there are many resources on why you should create a dark colour mode for your website and or app, I’d like to explore the idea of it being the main color choice, or even the only one, in your web app.

Image of dark mode display

Pros of dark mode to consider it when making your web app

But with all of these pros there also come…

The cons

Image of dark mode display


As a general rule, I think it’s best to make websites that have both light and dark mode, to give people freedom of choice and to improve accessibility. but if you particularly don’t want to have a theme switch as an option, its important to consider the use of your website, the aesthetic you are trying to convey, and the stories you are trying to tell. In this situation, it might also be a good idea to consider doing a mixed UI, for example if you are creating an email app, making the background of the category section dark would improve the users ability to quickly scan and find what they are looking for, but then also making the main email section be on a light backdrop to lower eyestrain when reading the emails themselves, as they, in most cases, require more concentration.


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